This does not make me want to buy a Ford

So this is the current ad for the Ford Fiesta in Australia and it really irritates me.

1. “I wanted to drive in my hot heeled wedges…” – they are either wedges or heels. You cannot have both! And from the look of them they are heels!

2. “I’ve driven in them before…” – I really hope you haven’t. It is very dangerous to drive in heels because they can cause you to put more pressure on the pedals.

3. “So I put my pink runners on my right foot…” Those runners appear to be black…unless you’re a whole new level of colour blind not yet known to man you obviously have never learnt your colours… Also obviously you have an auto because if you had a manual you would have to put your shoes on both feet.

4. “I had to stop to get petrol so I had to swap over really quickly” – if you knew you had to get petrol why didn’t you just put both your runners on in the first place!?!

5. “So it’s really good I have the shoe compartment…” Oh I have one of those in my car too. It’s called the floor and it’s actually more efficient than your shoe compartment because my shoes are within reach and I can put them on without getting out of the car.

I don’t know who Ford are trying to target with this ad but it sure as hell isn’t me. 


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